Toronto shopping

I had a fun day off! We've had sunny days that were still crisp and chilly, but today was downright warm and the last of the snow is melting to vague memory.

I rode the Queen streetcar west for eons to visit Queen West Antiques (1605 Queen St W). They have lots of streamlined teak pieces and although I didn't have anything in mind other than a visit, it's always worth checking their affordable-but-unique inventory. For Design Inc. fans, this is a store the team often shop at, especially for their more modern rooms.

Afterwards, I hopped the streetcar and went all the way east to the Distillery and after a quick visit at Fluid Living (ugh... not an enjoyable place to shop...), got myself a coffee at Balzac's.

After my coffee, a read and a few quick snaps, I headed to Klaus by Nienkamper. A friend is considering the Tom Dixon spheres for her stair-well and I'm shamelessly egging her on.

Finally, back on my own turf, I hopped off at Rosedale to visit Hollace Cluny, where I spec-ed the Martha Sturdy pieces. For those interested, the resin is food safe, maintains its colour (doesn't acquire patina) and is, in general, robust and well-wearing. I also checked out the womb chair upholstery options and, in general, chatted the staff up about a lot of their merchandise. Have I told you how much I love this store, the people who work there and their impeccable merchandise selections?
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