Favourite things

A long time ago, when I planed my migration to Canada, I was trying to size up the life I was going to have. It was impossible to do, so instead I focused on the more abstract things I loved and that I'd love no matter where I lived... I wrote a Janey version of "a few of my favourite things" and this list has become a constant touchstone. Not all of things in there are part of my life now, some of them are in another tense, but still carried with me and some I plain want.

There's materialism in there, because I would be lying if there wasn't, and there's some some that is more purely sensual. When I'm drawn to images or artwork it's often because it resonates with this list, either representationally or abstractly. And I guess, this all gels somehow to be my personality; is the thread, real or fantasy, running through my days.

Water, horses leaning into the crook of my neck, wet earth & sweat pea, walking, galleries, shopping baskets, friends for dinner, favourite store obsessions, markets, Beckett, clean sheets, picture-taking, old university campuses, solo dance parties, coffee pots, darkroom evenings, park benches, cookbooks, mary-janes, blankets, errands, ink and paper, house-keeping, bookshops, sea-swimming, leaning my head back, changes in weather, magnolia trees, being kisssed, baths, art books, kitchen utensils, yoga-high, herb pots, dogs, Sunday newspapers, cracking up with laughter, bicycles, leaving.

All images by Chris Everard via Sarah Kaye Representation
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