Todd Murphy

I flicked through this article from Metropolitan Home at Indigo last weekend and was completely taken by the artwork in this shot. Also shown is another artwork by the artist Todd Murphy . I can't stop thinking about it. I wonder what it is that I like so much? There's a ghostliness and even something Tim-Burtonesque about them. A loneliness too. But a dreadful romance.

I recently read an article about feng shui in the National Post (the story is suppressed for online so I can't link to it) . The feng shui consultant said: "Clients hire me to bring love into their lives and they always seem to have prints of Impressionist paintings of a single woman under a parasol or on a swing. Or they'll have photographs of themselves alone on a beach. Sometimes, there's a giant painting of a single nude above the bed. The symbolic message they're sending to the universe with these pictures is that they're fine alone."

Since reading it I have noticed how much of my art features solo figures. But these works don't even have figures... . To claim a causal connection between the artwork and relationships (or lack thereof) seems bogus to me... but I'm intrigued to know what you think...
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