David Trubridge

I've frequented Camilla Engman's blog for some time now. It's fabulous and she makes me want to move to Sweden and get a dog and acquire artistic skills that seem inherently lacking. This morning I was browsing her Flickr when I should have been getting dressed and saw this amazing picture. The light made such a strong visual imprint I felt that little obsessive feeling pang in the pit of my stomach.

Then later I was browsing Studio Home Creative (I did get to work despite all this early-morning surfing) and followed a link to Eon. (I was rather smitten with the Dom Hall Table she blogged about. What can I say? -It was a lusty morning). There, I clicked on lighting and found these pendants by David Trubridge, which come in this kit.

Now, home after work, I have time to google NZ-based David Trubridge. What a talented designer!
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