Resolution check-in

People often say I'm disciplined, but I only feel it in some compartments: Definitely when it comes to work, cleaning, even about blogging. When I feel that external compulsion, there's really no stopping me. I'll over-deliver if anything. And I guess that's what they notice.

But there's a more-important discipline that I completely suck at. It mostly boils down to looking after myself. 2007 was a tough year for many reasons and my self-discipline hit new lows. And that's what a lot of my resolutions this year were about. They're about finding balance so I can do everything better and be happier. Sounds easy, right? Deceptively.

Last month when I looked at how I was doing the one thing I was neglecting was yoga. In February I started going again and feel much better. Being a huge skeptic, I'm the last person who's going to get evangelical about anything. But yoga works for me. And when I can't make it to a class I practice with this video, (her cues remind me of my favourite yoga instructor from Dublin.)

Also, thanks to my friend Natasha, I've been chatting with a naturopathic doctor who's made some recommendations to help my diet. Being vegetarian requires constant vigilance and I haven't been. So, I'm undergoing some dietary retraining. Plus, I'm using the massages my benefits entitle me to to help reduce stress.

When you start something new and have a plan, there's a kind of euphoria. New groceries to buy and write events in your calendar, yardsticks to measure yourself against. But this has to last beyond that initial thrill.
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