Recipe of the week: Irish Potato Farl

What better weekend than this to introduce the Irish Potato Farl?! At home, I'd buy this pack from Paul Rankin, but on occasion I have actually cooked them from scratch too (I have a compulsive need to know how everything I eat is made). Like all peasant food recipes, these are simple, hearty and easily overlooked.

- 2lb / 1 kg / 2 cups mashed potatoes (something nice and floury)
- 4oz / 125g / 1 cup plain flour
- 2 tbsp butter*
- salt

Melt the butter and mix into potatoes with the salt. Work in the flour and knead quickly but thoroughly. Divide into two. Roll each half on a floured board to for a circle. Cut into quarters (farls) and cook in a cast iron skillet with butter. Eat for breakfast with eggs and sausages etc... (vegetarian or meat!).

*Check out Saveur's latest edition for butter recommendations, including my fave Kerrygold!
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