Some photographs

I've always been on the fence about this shot. I love it, because I know the spot well, but I think it's hard to "get" out of context. The scene is set in St Anne's Park in Clontarf, a large park and gardens, once owned by the Guinness family and later donated to Dublin Council. By the duck pond, sits this ruin. I imagine it was a boathouse... The roof, as you can see, has collapsed now. And the local kids have graffitied the ruin. It's a popular hangout for young rufians to get up to high jinx after dusk.

But the pond it looks out onto, remains as verdant as ever. There was a lone swan who used to pine there and Baggins, our dog, would run around taunting the ducks. I always loved the juxtaposition of this ruined grandeur and the seedy, lush liveliness of the pa
rk and its visitors.

I'm on the fence about this one too. I wish the sky had been livelier when I shot it. Normally, Irish skies are full of cumulus, but it was an uncharacteristically clear day, so I feel like there's a whole lot of grey. But then I look at the same shot some days and love the simplicity.

I think I fail as a photographer because I can't judge my work beyond my love of certain subjects. This shot was taken at Powerscourt in Co. Wicklow, and the mountain is the Sugarloaf, which is an extinct volcano (you can see the crater shape still though).

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