I discovered Atlantico products through the Karkula website and am really loving their hefty pieces. They exhibit a similar aesthetic as BDDW, though not as rich, but also more accessibly priced.

I need to figure out exactly what I want to do (back to floorplans). I'm thinking of giving over my table completely to a desk space and concentrating on coffee-table entertaining more, which is always what I do anyway. This means more seating and a slim discreet desk.

Re the tulip: It's all over with the tulip and me. I still love it, I just can't bring myself to buy it right now. I walked Queen on Saturday and every store had a real or "inspired" one. It's really hitting that "Barcelona chair circa 2004" ubiquity. I also am worried about say, buying a 42" and moving somewhere that calls for a 56", or whatever... you get the picture. I think the whole chair dilemma and never finding a suitable answer was symptomatic of this uncertainty.

Instead, I'm searching for a really awesome coffee table, since I spend more time around this. I was thinking again about the Martha Sturdy, but we're talking mega-bucks for that... So, this will be my new research project.
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