Favourite possessions

Despite my product-lust seeming at an all-time high, I've been good at managing my purse-strings lately. And sometimes, that sense of constantly wanting (that lamp, the tulip, the right chairs) leaves one wanton. So, instead of showing you some new razzle-dazzle product I've recently found, I thought I'd carve out a somewhat regular space to tell you about some of my favourite things I already own.

You may have garnered from my previous post that BFF is the KING of ultimate ultimate gifts. For my birthday one year, he wrote to Alex Colville, and told him how much I admired his work. And I, in turn, received a hand-written letter from Mr. Colville. Receiving a letter, out of the blue, from an artist you love is surreal and wonderful and the most perfect idea, and somehow beautifully wide-eyed and innocent. Simply put, the best gift ever.

(For obvious reasons, I blocked out Mr Colville's address from the letterhead. And I've also blocked out BFF's name just cause he might like some privacy too)
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