Time flies, except when you're waiting for Domino: The months seem to whip by, literally disorienting me at times. Deadlines flying. Projects being tossed and swatted frenetically. Whirlwind weeks without seeing friends... Holidays a pipe dream for a slower time.

And yet... it seems yonks, eons, ages between issues of Domino! I literally stalk the newsagent waiting for it to hit the shelf. My eye is honed on the spot on where Domino sits and my mind instantly deflates when it's still the same issue.

And the worst part is when you've seen snippets of what's to come and it completely spoils the joy and then there's only catharsis before the wait starts again. And yes, I'm a sad sad creature and you'd think I'd have other things to do. And I do! I do! It's just that time slows down around this one event and it seems to drag on forever.

So, Domino editors, please take your magazine out of this odd time-space continuum and keep up with the real-paced world. You seem perpetually tardy and I don't like being a stalker and I sometimes end up buying some overpriced import just to fill the gap.
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