Book report: Saturday

My fondness for Ian McEwan started when I read Enduring Love. Immediately after that I read Atonement (it took me a long time to shake off both of these books). I liked Amsterdam a little less and started and stopped Saturday a few times. Though I didn't articulate it as the reason for abandoning Saturday, I wasn't ready for a book that revolved around the war in Iraq. It can be hard to digest the news presented in fiction too quickly.

But I've been resolved to get through my unread books before buying any more and Saturday is one of the last. This time it wasn't hard to latch on. I don't always revel in the suspense of "what happens next?" stories, but I do love the momentum that builds in McEwan's stories. He's not simply working the suspense, he's building an intelligent argument, an gentle existential thesis and always painting the most sympathetic characters.

Odds are most of you have read one of his books, possibly this one, so you likely know if you like him already. I always enjoy his clarity, his precision, the due diligence he takes with his research and his humaneness in the face of all those facts. After taking so long to start, I finished the book in under a week.
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