It's a glum Friday, more snow, now rain. Though my mood is less troubled by it, there was no way on God's green (or grey) earth I was going out tonight. So I stayed in and did my taxes. I think that's a new record in efficiency. I'm resolved  to save this year's rebate. I can't even remember what I spent last year's on, so it can't have been all that important.

The concept of a tax rebate is so foreign to an Irish person (inconceivable for our government to ever say you've paid enough taxes) that I'm still a bit stunned by the entire process.

Tomorrow, I've got to go and get my photograph taken for that contest I won, which I'm dreading. I loathe having my picture taken and already feel a pitiful empathy for the person who has to put up with my awkwardness the minute a camera is pointed at me.

The one redeeming part is the photographer is in a part of town that I don't get to very often, but that has nice mid-century used furniture stores, so maybe I'll find a little gem to shake myself out of my self-flagellation. This is the photographer. If a hames is made of it, I'm entirely to blame:(

On the upside, March starts tomorrow. Mum wrote me this week and said the daffodils are already up at home! I think I need to see if I can buy some this weekend. They make me so happy!

Daffodils in St Stephen's Green, Dublin from FXGeek's Flickr
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