B&W film

I have roll upon roll of B&W film that I went through when I lived in Ireland and Calgary. I used to use the darkroom at the Gallery of Photography in Dublin and print my pictures on FB-based paper. When I moved to Toronto, it was one of my top priorities to find somewhere I could do that, but there was only one wet darkroom I could find and it was way too communal.

I kindof forgot the whole endeavor. I don't shoot a lot here and my negatives sit in their carefully catalogued binder. It's been so long now that I miss the shots more than the printing process, so I was excited to take them all to Pikto for scanning and (given the # of rolls I have) happy that it would cost just $22 per roll for large tifs.

But because my rolls are cut, they want to charge me per frame ($6 per frame) which is fine for a handful, but given the volume, completely ridiculous. So, I'm shopping for high-end scanning services that don't penalize you because your film is cut. But, I'm starting to look at buying a scanner as another option.

I'm sure I'm not the only photography enthusiast who has gone through this (in fact I'm pretty sure I hung onto the darkroom longer than most), so how did the rest of you do this? Buy scanner? Pay for scanning?

I was so excited just to see some of those old shots, that I'm gutted...
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