Today felt like the first day of Spring. Doubtless, we'll have relapses, but the sky was finally blue and the light a little more yellow than winter's ice-blue. I went for a huge walk around the cemetery (which basically functions as a park), shot some pictures of the trees gaining strength to bud and came home to clean and cook and get ready for a little Oscar party of two.

My sudden energy made the thought of exercise seem appealing (the resolution I've been struggling with) and thinking of exercise made me think about clothes. I know and envy some people who can wear their going-away outfit 20 years and two children later. I'm not one of those and sometimes keeping those old nostalgic items of clothing only serves to stop you moving on and making the best of yourself now.

So, I purged. The oldest item I have is my BA graduation dress. A lovely pinafore dress I bought at Jigsaw with my Mum. I looked at it today and realized I would never pick it out now. It truly is lovely, but not at all my flavor anymore. I'm pretty good at de-cluttering so don't have tonnes of stuff to purge. But on the flip side, what I've kept this long has been passed over many times, is hugely sentimental and well, I could just cry. But it's all nostalgia and I have photographs, so I'm going to stop being a big cry baby and maintain a wardrobe for me now.

Later, Candace came over for dinner, Oscars & dessert. I loved the Oscars this year (Daniel & Glen Hansard!) and we laughed and chatted during the boring bits. The dessert is my new recipe for the week, so I'll post separately about it!
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