Turns out my "to do" list was wildly optimistic. I spent most of the weekend painting. But the painting is done! And it looks great. I've also rearranged the furniture in my bedroom pushing the bed in against a wall and leaving the other half of the room for dressing and dance parties.

Before, the bed used to float in the middle of the room, taking up most of the space and rather awkwardly carving the room in half. It's an arrangement that would work for a couple better, but since I mostly use the one bedside table, reading lamp etc. it was wasted on me.

The yellow items are the missing objects. The big one against the wall is the armoire I think would be a perfect addition except I can't find anything anywhere I like. Hm. Also, the rug (Madeline, naturally) and bench (something simple) and the stool... I'm really dying for an Eames stool. I want a new bed too... I'm obsessed with the Ochre one. 

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