Winter lifesavers

While all the new collections are putting me in the mood for Spring, the reality outside is it's snowing and we've two more months of winter left, at least. So, here are some of the things that get me through the winter: When you have a cold and your delicate wee nose is raw from tissues that claim they're softer than they are, try this product from Mario Badescu. It's not it's intended purpose (it's also excellent for that), but it works wonders on any kind of red irritated skin.

And I think I've published my love of this cream everywhere I write, but I really stand by this product. Kiehl's Creme de Corps is simply the best body moisturizer out there, custardy rich and amazingly effective. I have a robe dedicated to wearing while it soaks in. The one thing about it, it's not a don-and-dash kind of lotion.

I use L'Occitane's shea hand cream on my feet. And L'Occitane make a perfectly serviceable foot-cream, but I prefer this for some reason. When it snows, I put on lashings and then woolly socks and my L.L. Bean boots. I'm terrified of slipping on the ice and they're the only footwear I've learned to trust, and somewhat love them. Plus, the salt here is ghastly and would ruin any of my beloved flats.
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