I can't believe another week is done; indeed the first month of 2008. My resolutions have been holding up pretty well. I think I've been a lot more balanced with work (despite being busier than ever) and I've kept with my recipe, reading and travel resolutions.

So far, none of my major resolution purchases have been made, but I didn't expect they would, since they're all investments and I have to save. But I'm afraid I'm straight out failing my yoga resolution, which is the worst since it's one of the things that makes me feel the best (what part of my brain is unable to connect that in the evening when I get home from work).

So, that's going to be my focus in February, as well as keeping up with all the others. All things considered I'm happy. Five out of six ain't bad.

To do this weekend:
- Paint bedroom (I decided on granite boulder - sorry ashwood fans!)
- Write V-Day columns
- Haircut
- Source new drapes (make them? buy readymades? customize IKEA?)
- Scour stores for a bench ottoman I can reupholster and a wardrobe that looks like the ones below but costs a ginormous fraction of the price

Have a good weekend!
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