Denis Cotter

If you liked the sound of Avoca's lemon curd cake (which I highly recommend) you might, like I am, be jonesing to try this Lime Curd & Sour Cream cake from Oooh you tasty little things (a blog title after my heart.) Holy smokes it sounds tasty.

On the savoury side, I'm thinking about food a lot as I delve into all my recipe books. So far, the forerunner for new recipe of the week is Oyster mushroom ravioli with a truffled lovage cream and peas, from Denis Cotter's Cafe Paradiso Seasons. He's a Corkonian and a vegetarian chef (not an easy thing in Ireland). I'm mostly curious about lovage. It's not an herb you often see in recipes, and I'm not even sure the Whole Foods will have it.

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