Electra bicycles

Electra bikes are the most reasonable choice for a gal like myself who lives in a city where you can't ride your bike for 5 months of the year. Okay, I know there are those who do.. but they're all complete and utter nutters.

I live near a ginormous cemetery and, morbid as it sounds, everybody treats it like a huge urban park. There are amazing specimen trees from all over the world and fabulous mausoleums that tower over the houses across the fence (I like to reflect with some glee on how it must gall those home-owners that some guy's grave is larger than their million-dollar home).

And I want to ride my bike around the cemetery, and maybe to the bakery, to buy some macaroons. You can paint the picture easily enough. Electra's new catalogue is just out. I love the champagne pearl Townie though I also like the buttercream Amsterdam Sport. Of course, either would get a basket. Ooh, and a skirt-guard. Perfection.

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