Christopher Pratt

I've been a big fan of Christopher Pratt for nearly a decade. He not only is a wonderful and moving artist, he's a great husband. While many Canadian artists of Pratt's age met their wives and partners in art school, Pratt is rare in that his wife still paints.

In fact, Mary Pratt's work stands just as tall as her husbands. Artistic temperaments and creative egos are difficult things so this speaks of a huge respect and self-assurance in each of them. Pratt's work is available through the Godard Gallery here in Toronto. But he lives in Newfoundland, a place that clearly inspires his work.

Mary prefers the city, so they work in separate home studios. In that way, they maintain their separate identities. There's no sense, when reviewing their work, that you're hearing that married drone about what "we" think, "we" like, "we" find inspiring... These are two great artists who just happen to be husband and wife.
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