I've spent the past week uploading all my CDs to my new Macbook. Until now, my Nano was synced with my work laptop, so I was somewhat restrained with the music I uploaded. But now, for the first time, I'm putting everything I own on my iTunes. And boy, do I love ever love Joni. Either that or I have some Joni-CD-buying disorder. It's fun listening to CDs I haven't heard in a while. Right now I'm loving Uncle Tupelo's March 16-20, 1992.

I've been thinking a lot about resolutions the last week. It seems a nice idea to lay out goals at the start of the year. And I firmly believe that writing things down makes it more likely you'll get it done. But I'm loathe to list a bunch of abstract or unrealistic goals. What do you think?

All that I'm leaning towards right now calls for balance. I'm an all-or-nothing type and let work take over too much. I let things slide that I love, like yoga or running or reading as soon as there's a blip at work (which there is almost fortnightly). So, my resolutions this year are mostly about making frequency commitments to those things that I will
keep no matter what work throws at me. And then realizing that I can say no because I have those commitments.

Doing a yoga class a week, or taking a half hour lunch to squeeze out a chapter won't make me less ambitious or respected. Now, I just have to really believe that. What is it about we women that makes us feel we have to prove ourselves to the nth degree, while the men never seem do an extra iota until they've been paid and promoted for it?
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