I've been working on my resolutions. I'm aware that there's stuff I should do that I've left off (sleep, for example). But I'd rather convince myself I have magical powers when it comes to not needing sleep as much as some. So, here's the list of things I want to change that I'm not grudgingly in denial about. 2008, bring it on!

- Books: Read a minimum of two books per month, working through my unread books first
- Exercise: Yoga class minimum once, ideal twice, per week. Walk, if not running
- $$$$: Stick to budget / savings plan

- Writing: Pitch columns for freelance, instead of just giving them to the publications I work for
- Travel: Take short weekend trips (NYC, Chicago). Take one longer trip (San Francisco, Newfoundland & Nova Scotia or Ireland). Save up for ultimate dream vacation (Galapagos)
- Food: Try one new recipe per week

Happy New Year!
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