Beckett whim

Just when I was thinking that I've become perfectly humdrum, I do something unexpected, even to myself. Diana commented yesterday that Beckett's shorts are playing at the New York Theatre Workshop. And, when I went to the website, I saw Baryshnikov is performing (image via NYT).

I bought a ticket on impulse and booked the flight last night using points. I have enough leftover too for the hotel, just need to figure out where I should stay (reasonably priced suggestions?) So, January 18, I'm off to New York for a weekend, a play, museums and, of course, Payard and shopping. Thanks to Diana! There's still life in this old dog yet.

Update: I booked a hotel! Given the literary nature of the trip, it's too perfect: The Hotel Chelsea. I don't even care if she's a little rough around the edges, the story is too perfect and I keep hearing Leonard (who I also love) singing Chelsea Hotel. People think I'm a cold fish sometimes, but I lose my mind over these silly romantic ideas.

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