Weekend to-do

Do you make lists? I love 'em. I'll have a notebook full of them and lots more in my head. My weekend to do list:
(1) Get ahead with work (loud sigh and collective ugh!)
(2) Haircut & colour
(3) Collect "For-like-ever" from framers (see result below)
(4) Buy Christmas wrapping paper and ribbons
(5) Buy stamps and mail Irish Christmas cards
(6) Finish writing Canadian Christmas cards
(7) Catch up on phonecalls
(8) Housework, laundry etc.
(9) Finish hanging pictures
(10) Make creme brulee for Irene!
(11) Sleep! haven't done so in a week...

I'm still hemming and hawing about the puppy. The thought of doing it alone scares me. It's not something I want to do stupidly, but I also know there are some things you'll never feel 100% ready for and you just got to do them. Hm. And then I read Posie Gets Cozy and this post on Maison21 and I remember how lovely it is to have animals in your life.
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