Christmas wishlist

Okay, you can play coy and pretend you'd be happy with something modest. But I just know there's something you espied in the last twleve months that you didn't / couldn't buy and would secretly love to receive. Here's my ultimate ultimate Christmas wishlist.

1. A brand new, on steroids, MacBook Pro so I don't rely on my work laptop!
2. Madeline Weinrib zigzag rug - need I saw why?
3. The Pare "Present" umbrella
4. Coach wallet - I usually loathe Coach, but I like these stripes!
5. This painfully delicate birds and nest ring from Alex Monroe
6. French cane bed (okay, I know it's a stretch, but this is my ultimate wishlist after all)
7. This Cassandra Barney print, or better still, painting
8. Dessous by Sophie Simmons nightwear, so I can be a more stylish insomniac
9. The 3rd part of John Richardson's Picasso bio, plus the time to read it please!
10. The Ladies Nature bike in vanilla from Skeppshult, complete with basket and skirt guard.
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