Affordable gift ideas

For those of you already panicking at the idea of the cost of all those gifts you want to buy, I think this is a brilliant solution. While the stocking stuffer route can get expensive, done well it has a lot of bang for a tiny wee buck. Here's how: Buy products that come in multiples and split them out into combinations that match your recipient's tastes. Ribbons, tissue paper and unique labels will go a long way to turn these from banal objects to ultimate assortments of goodies.

Shown, L-R, top to bottom: Candle set from Pottery Barn / Lipgloss from CARGO / Tea from Tealish / Frame-worthy card from Koch Modern Folk Printing / Shea Butter Handcream from L'Occitane / Frame from IKEA / Labels from Paperologie / Hot Chocolate from Mariebelle / Matches from Areo
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