It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. And there's a lot to be thankful for right now, a lot to look forward to too.

I'm optimistic about the outcome of our election and will be advance voting this weekend. Maybe I'm naive to be excited. Sometimes, I feel very disconnected from certain factions here that seem at odds with my feelings about Canada and my experiences here too. I also feel frustrated when good people are convinced to vote with fear and mistrust in their hearts. My optimism might be misplaced. But I'm optimistic nevertheless.

I guess I'm feeling like optimism is something I want more of. I'm over the sort of cool jadedness that has become so pervasive. We tend to present it as delivering the unvarnished truth: Here let me give you the straight goods on [relationships / careers / life as an artist / home ownership / whatever]. Or we think it's a sign of intelligence to be critical of everything around us, to point out the negative to every positive. But there's nothing stupid about hope, about getting excited about ideas, about being inspired.

We're naturally guarded because we've been burned so many times. The politician we all loved turned out to be a philanderer. The brand we swore by turned out to be sweatshopping. The car we thought was green turned out to be cheating tests. And these things won't stop happening - hope will always be vulnerable to disappointment. But I still think better decisions are made when people allow themselves to feel optimistic.

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Sézane / October

I could pretty much post a lookbook from Sézane every month of the year, but the October one particularly tickles my fancy. That combination of mussed hair, minimal makeup, layered woollens, tweeds and suedes, and just a smattering of colour and pattern is pretty much style perfection in my books!

BDDW ceramic store

I guess I've always been so captivated by the dreamy furniture on BDDW's site, that I never noticed the ceramics store. Each piece they make is unique and one-of-a-kind, made of limited clay that was discovered on the BDDW studio property. I have a particular passion for everyday objects elevated to become one-of-a-kind works of art. These mugs are truly special collectibles - just some of my favourites below.

Favourites from RH Modern

I was a typical youngster insofar as my earliest instincts were to rebel against what was local and familiar. I was surrounded by Irish country charm, patina, woollens and aged layers. So, naturally, I fantasized about crisp, clean-lined minimalism. The first designer I loved was Giorgio Armani. The first interior designer I knew by name was Kelly Hoppen.

I suppose it's why The Holiday is among favourite Nancy Meyers movie from a design perspective. I love the polarity of Kate and Cameron's homes. But I also love thinking about how each would change were either to permanently switch continents as part of their "ever after". The transatlantic design tryst is one close to my heart and I've probably spent a decade vacillating and finally reconciling my Irish roots with my love of clean minimalism.

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I still love a simple and elegant modernity. But I've found a way to make a home of it. I'll pile in books, accessories, plants and abundant florals. Hand me any of these rooms and I'll clutter the b'Jaysus out of them with objects story-telling and highly personal. And this is all a long way of saying that it may surprise you, but I'm completely smitten with Restoration Hardware's new line Modern. I'm usually one to scorn their epic catalogues, but I want this one. Some favourite pieces above!