Kitchens with rugs

I've been making little bits of progress on my apartment updates. On the weekend, my big red rug went to a new and loving home. The resulting bare floors make me uneasy, but it is easier to think about what's next without the distraction. AND! My super has agreed to replace my kitchen countertops -- although this is great news, it also leaves me on tenterhooks about what they'll choose and the quality of job they'll do. I left lots of magazines open with white-on-white kitchens the day they came to measure, hopefully they'll take the hint!

In the meantime, I'm focusing on things I can control and there's always plenty to keep me occupied there. Once the kitchen painting and countertops are complete, I've been thinking about how to cover the godawful floor tiles. More and more, I'm inspired by kitchens with rugs and have been saving up some inspiration.

Sunday best: New moon

Sundays of long weekends are among my favourite kinds of days; a sort of open-concept island of calm.  You can waste them or make the very most of them. Or make the very most of them by wasting them.

The weather has granted us a lovely reprieve for Thanksgiving, so after some morning chores I'll just stroll and contemplate change with a new book. There's a new moon tomorrow. I'm hoping it's auspicious for our election results. And, of course, I'm happy for any reason to include this moon blouse (I have no such excuse for the bracelet!)

Products: Isabelle hat from Preston & Olivia | Moon Dots Blouse from Nice Things by Paloma S. | Frame Denim boyfriend jeans from Net-a-Porter | Dinosaurs On Other Planets Stories by Danielle McLaughlin | Diamond Braided Bracelet from Anita Ko | Buckle boots from A.P.C. | Beach stick from Charlotte Tilbury | Eric Purse from Mimi Berry


It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. And there's a lot to be thankful for right now, a lot to look forward to too.

I'm optimistic about the outcome of our election and will be advance voting this weekend. Maybe I'm naive to be excited. Sometimes, I feel very disconnected from certain factions here that seem at odds with my feelings about Canada and my experiences here too. I also feel frustrated when good people are convinced to vote with fear and mistrust in their hearts. My optimism might be misplaced. But I'm optimistic nevertheless.

I guess I'm feeling like optimism is something I want more of. I'm over the sort of cool jadedness that has become so pervasive. We tend to present it as delivering the unvarnished truth: Here let me give you the straight goods on [relationships / careers / life as an artist / home ownership / whatever]. Or we think it's a sign of intelligence to be critical of everything around us, to point out the negative to every positive. But there's nothing stupid about hope, about getting excited about ideas, about being inspired.

We're naturally guarded because we've been burned so many times. The politician we all loved turned out to be a philanderer. The brand we swore by turned out to be sweatshopping. The car we thought was green turned out to be cheating tests. And these things won't stop happening - hope will always be vulnerable to disappointment. But I still think better decisions are made when people allow themselves to feel optimistic.

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